Ring Operations & Scheduled Events




Operations Schedule:

CAMD adheres to a Bi-weekly schedule with the first week having Monday and Tuesday scheduled for maintenance and/or studies; Wednesday through Friday for Normal Operations. The second week will be Normal Operations, Monday through Friday.

Operation Messages:

Stored User Beam 9:00 AM.

Operator Schedule:

Monday: Yanshan Wang Office: 578-9321
Tuesday: Paul Jines Office: 578-9351
Wednesday: Daren Launey Office: 578-9945
Thursday: Rupal Amin Office: 578-0097
Friday: Jeff Hoffmann Office: 578-3318

Control Room 578-9328


We are currently operating the machine at 1.15 GeV with the Wiggler at 4.0 Tesla. Beam stabilization control is running during all fills.

*Helpful Hint*
Operators are generally in the control room only during injections. Try their office numbers at other times.  (CAMD Staff Page)

For requirements outside the normal scheduled hours, please contact Phil Sprunger (225) 328-3943, for Basic Science requests.  For Lithography needs contact Shaloma Malveaux, (225) 578-9343.