SAXS Drawings and Photos

photo: hutch 1 of the SAXS beamline

Hutch 1 of the SAXS Beamline

1. Ion Pump (200 l/s)
2. Bremsstrahlung Shutter
3. Double Crystal Monochromator
4. Manual Gate Valve
5. Differential Ion Pump (now absent)
6. Motorized Adjustable Slits
7. Ion Pump (150 l/s)
8. Pneumatic Gate Valve
9. Ion Pump (55 l/s)

SAXS Camera

Below are images of the sample chamber. The links to the detailed drawings to the left should be consulted when designing apparatus to be placed inside the sample chamber.

photo: sample chamber 1

Photo of the SAXS Beamline showing sample chamber and detector.

photo: sample chamber 2

Sample chamber showing sample holder location. In this case, two Kapton Windows are placed to the left and right for operation at atmospheric pressure.

photo: sample chamber 3

View of sample chamber with sample holder removed.

SAXS Camera

Sample Post.pdf
Sample Holder.pdf
Sample Chamber.pdf