Promotional Items and Items Requiring Use of the LSU Logo

Under specified conditions, University departments may purchase promotional items of no intrinsic value to be distributed without charge in anticipation of generating additional revenues. The following procedures are required:

  • All purchasing rules and regulations must be followed.

  • LSU Approval Form PUR522 procurement of promotional items and items requiring use of the LSU logo regardless of the total cost needs to be submitted to Procurement Services prior to any commitment of funds.

  • All items bearing or containing the University name or other indicia are subject to provisions of PS-93: Use of University Name and Indicia.

  • Purchases less than $5,000 may be direct charged or paid using the LaCarte Card provided that the PUR522 is submitted and approved before any purchase is made. If cardholder is a Delegated Purchasing Agent, the LaCarte purchase limit is increased to $10,000.

  • If total cost of item(s) is over $10,000, a non-catalog goods requisition must be submitted, competitive bids received and a purchase order issued in accordance with the LAC 34:XIII.Chapters 3-25. If individual is a Delegated Purchasing Agent, a departmental solicitation can be initiated up to $25,000; solicitation documents are to be attached to a requisition for review by the commodity buyer and issuance of the PO.

  • Additional documentation requirements may include:

    • A copy of department's uniform policy

    • Clarification/documentation that the purchase is allowed by grant

    • Justification of how purchase relates to department/university mission etc. 

View LSU Licensee List of approved suppliers for obtaining various promotional items.


Rev 7/22/21




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