Printed materials such as fliers, bulletins, leaflets, house organs, circulars, reports or similar publications are to be purchased in accordance with purchasing policies and procedures. The aforementioned printed material does not require a PUR522 form.

NOTE: Official LSU Business System items must be ordered from the awarded master contract supplier. This includes LSU letterhead, envelopes, business cards, memo pads, and note cards. View the procedure on ordering LSU Business System items.

The following procedures apply:

  • Printing orders (excluding business system items) less than $10,000 may be purchased non-competitively from any supplier. Obtain a firm quote from supplier (remember when getting quote to include all printing options desired and shipping/mailing) and avoid paying in advance of the receipt of order. Please consult your department’s business manager to coordinate payment.

  • Printing orders from $10,001 - $25,000 require soliciting fax quotations from at least three suppliers. Quotes may be solicited by Delegated Purchasing Agents via a departmental solicitation using the LSU Standard Fax Quotation form and releasing a requisition to Procurement Services via Workday with all required documents attached. Additionally, Procurement Services will handle the solicitation process upon receipt of a requisition with detailed specifications in a Word document.

  • Printing orders from $25,000 - $50,000 must be released as a requisition to Procurement Services via Workday with detailed specifications of all services needed in a Word document where quotes will be obtained from at least four suppliers.

  • Printing orders over $50,000 will require formal bidding which takes approximately 21 days so sufficient time must be allowed.

Printed materials may be purchased non-competitively from the Louisiana Office of Production Support Services, formerly known as State Printing, regardless of the dollar amount. These purchases do not require a requisition and pursuant to PRO-525.A. the purchase can be made via direct charge (they do not accept credit cards).

The contents of reputation-defining publications require the approval of the Office of Communications & University Relations. Please send a PDF of artwork to


  • Bulletins: a short printed publication, especially one produced by an organization (i.e. department newsletters)
  • Leaflets: a usually folded printed sheet intended for free distribution (i.e. handbill, brochure, flyer, and pamphlets)
  • House Organs: a periodical distributed by a business concern among its employees, sales personnel, or customers (i.e. employee handbooks, media guides, and yearbooks)
  • Circulars:  a paper intended for wide distribution (i.e. journals, magazines, and newspapers)
  • Reports:  a usually lengthy publication issued yearly by an organization giving an account of its internal workings and especially its finances (i.e. annual reports)

For any questions about this procedure, please contact Procurement Services (, 225-578-2176).

Rev 6/18/21




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