Business Systems

AmeriPrint, LLC is the supplier contracted to provide the official LSU business systems for all campus units. LSU Departments must purchase business system items from this contract. 

LSU letterhead, envelopes, business cards, mailing labels, notepads, and note cards will be available through the AmeriPrint punch-out catalog available in Workday. Instructions for using a punch-out out catalog can be found in the "Create Requisition from Supplier Website"  job aid available at  Workday>Finance Training> Procurement

Spend Categories

SC0293 for Business Cards
SC0294 for Envelopes 
SC0295 for Letterhead
SC0296 for Mailing Labels
SC0297 for Notecards
SC0298 for Notepads

AmeriPrint Contacts

Don Harris
Outside Sales Rep
Office: 504-872-0056
Cell: 504-495-4977

All business systems, regardless of the source of funds, must be printed in conformity with standards established by the LSU Communications and University Relations. It is the responsibility of the department to verify all items ordered are in compliance with these standards.

Approval to deviate from the master contract and/or purchase from another supplier must be obtained from Communications and University Relations at PRIOR to the purchase.

Rev 6/18/21

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