Purchasing Procedure for Research Scientific and Laboratory Supplies and Equipment

Executive Order, Small Purchase Procedures, Section 5.A.(26), allows for a non-competitive process for the procurement of “scientific and laboratory supplies and equipment when procured by colleges and universities for laboratory or scientific research not to exceed twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000) per transaction.” To qualify, purchases are to be from scientific or laboratory supply vendors. Please contact Procurement if you are uncertain if a purchase qualifies under this exemption.

Procurement Memorandum PUR07-05 adopted this Executive Order provision as policy effective April 26, 2007. This means qualifying research supplies and equipment may be requisitioned and purchased based on the receipt of one (1) acceptable Vendor quotation. The procedure, paperwork requirements and process flow for such research purchases up to $25,000 are discussed below. Purchases exceeding $25,000 must be requisitioned by the Department and competitively bid by Procurement.

Definition of ‘Research-Related’

The University will use our existing cost accounting structure to define qualifying research supplies and equipment under this Executive Order provision.

To qualify for the non-competitive status, there must be a 1 in the 7th digit of your LSU account number which identifies function as listed in the LSU Accounting Code Structure. Research services do not qualify and remain subject to State and University competitive bid requirements.

Paperwork Requirements and Process Flow

The required documents and process flow for research-related purchases greater than $1000 are stated below.

For PRO purchases:

  1. Department identifies a qualifying need, prepares an on-line requisition and electronically submits to Procurement to secure a quote from the department’s designated Vendor.

  2. Procurement secures a written fax quotation from the Vendor and issues the purchase order.

Departments may choose to secure the quote from the Vendor using the PRO system. Vendor quotation forms often include provisions contrary to state procurement laws, rules and regulations; requiring Procurement to negotiate acceptable terms and conditions prior to an award. Use of the LSU RFQ form helps to eliminate flaws commonly associated with Vendor quotation forms.

For LSU GeauxShop purchases:

Departments may purchase qualifying items from Scientific Supplies Supplier catalogs in lieu of obtaining a quote. Procurement will automatically be added to the workflow process to review and approve purchases with a total cost greater than $5,000.

Valid and Acceptable Vendor Quotations

To avoid procurement delays, Departments should advise Vendors of the following minimal requirements for a valid and acceptable quotation:

  • Quotations must be signed.

  • Prices must be quoted F.O.B. LSU/Destination; i.e. title does not pass to LSU until receipt and unit prices quoted inclusive of freight. Quotes stating F.O.B. Origin/Shipping Point and/or Freight Collect are not acceptable. If freight is quoted separately and not included in the unit prices, it must be quoted as a definitive or ‘not to exceed’ amount – estimated freight charges to be prepaid and added to the invoice are not acceptable.

  • Payment terms must be at least Net 30 days from date of invoice, or from LSU receipt and acceptance, whichever is later. Vendor payment terms requiring advance payments (partial or full), C.O.D., or less than 30 days are not acceptable. Prompt payment discount terms (e.g. 2%/10 Days/Net 30) are acceptable.

  • The LSU purchase must be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Louisiana. Governing laws of another state are not acceptable.




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