Keys and Locks

Locks, padlocks, keys, door hardware and locksmith services that are procured from outside vendors and contractors must comply with both University procurement regulations and with PS-84, “Custody and Care of University Facilities and Premises.” The campus keying system for doors, locks and padlocks cannot be compromised, impairing the Office of Facility Services and the LSU Police from carrying out their assigned tasks and responsibilities. PS-84 addresses the renovation and maintenance of university facilities and the prohibition of any activity which results in any physical modification of university facilities and premises.

Locks, padlocks, keys and card entry systems for all campus facilities and permanent structures, including Baton Rouge campus, Agricultural Center campus properties, Veterinary Medicine, Fireman Training and Hebert Law Center, must be coordinated with and ordered through Facility Services to insure your security needs are met without compromising the uniformity of the University proprietary locking mechanisms. The Pennington Biomedical Research Center and off campus Agricultural Center properties are not part of our proprietary system and, as such, are the only facilities that are not required to follow this procedure. Facilities include buildings, closets, gates, warehouses, storage sheds and other permanent or semipermanent (trailers, T-buildings) structures.

Locks, padlocks and keys to secure the following types of items in non permanent structures are not required to be purchased through Facility Services and may be purchased directly by departmental personnel from a vendor but you are encouraged to utilize the services of Facility Services:

  • gasoline cans
  • equipment and supplies stored in cabinets or other non permanent structure
  • trophy and display cases
  • chemicals
  • lockers
  • research specimens and supplies
  • drugs and other controlled substances
  • locks for desks and filing cabinets

Please note that departmental requests for the removal of locks from the master keying system will not be granted by Facility Services unless a situation of compelling circumstances arises. In our efforts to maintain the University master key tiers (master, grandmaster, etc.), approval to remove any lock from the building master will be given only in extreme situations. All keys, whether master or room keys, are issued and maintained on the department level. Each department is responsible for the integrity of their keying system and must have controls in place for issuing and retrieving keys. Security options other than our current keying hierarchy should be approached through the consideration of an alternative security system.

If you have any questions or have any special security needs, contact Facility Services Work Control at 225-578-3186 to discuss solutions.




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