Graphic Design Services

Procurement has negotiated and entered into separate contracts for campus-wide services. These contractors can provide graphic design services for all university departments on an "as requested" basis managed by LSU Division of Strategic Communications.

Design services include, but is not limited to, the following: graphic design for both print and digital, web design, magazine design, newsletter design, annual reports, brochures, advertising concepts and designs (broadcast, print, outdoor & electronic), maps, postcards, pocket folders, catalogs, fliers, posters, exterior signage, vehicle wrap design, specialty item graphics, photography, copyrighting, general graphic design for multi-media, conference planning and production assistance, and other promotional materials and efforts.

See below for procedures to schedule these services. This process should be followed in ADVANCE of all contracted design services being performed.

  1. Contact the Department's Strategic Communications.
  2. Strategic Communications will advise the Department whether the requested services will be provided internally by Strategic Communications or outsourced to an external design firm. In order for Strategic Communications to obtain a quote, the Department will need to provide specific instructions of the requested services and contact information.
  3. When services are outsourced, Strategic Communications will obtain a quote from a specified design contractor for the requested services (see below for contact information).
  4. Contractor will present a quote to Strategic Communications for requested services in accordance with Contractor's rate schedule of the LSU Contract. Object 9 rate schedule and STUN Design rate schedule.
  5. Upon approval of the Contractor's quote from the Department, Strategic Communications will contact the contracted design firm and the Department via email.
  6. The Department must verify the Contractor's rate schedule to the quote and release a PSR type requisition to Procurement for requested services.
  7. Procurement will review and issue a purchase order to the Contractor. The Department and Strategic Communications will be notified via email of the purchase order number.
  8. Contractor will submit an invoice upon completion of each individual design project in accordance with the previously agreed quote of services to the University Department.
  9. The University Department will verify the invoice and prepare a receiving report for payment of services. The Department will submit by campus mail 5 printed samples to CUR Lakeshore House for archival purposes and 16 printed samples to 108 Hill Memorial for the Louisiana State Documents Depository Program.
  10. The Department will complete a Performance Evaluation (PUR-PE) form at the end of each individual project. The PUR-PE Form can be found on Procurement website.

Contact Information

Aztech Graphics, Inc. dba Object 9

Tina Carlton
4156 W. E. Heck Court
Baton Rouge, LA 70816
Main Line: 225-368-9899
Fax: 225-368-9898
Supplier ID# SPL-01448

STUN Design and Advertising

Chuck Sanchez
442 Government St
Baton Rouge, LA 70802
Main Line: 225-381-7266
Fax: 225-383-8595
Email: chucksmac@cox.netvnd
Supplier ID # SPL-05855




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