Computer Hardware & Hardware Related Purchases

Important Note: If a Master/Preferred Contract exists for Goods/Services, the Master/Preferred Contract MUST be used. (See Master & Preferred Contracts)

Data Processing Hardware

For data processing hardware purchases >$5,000, the requisition must be forwarded to Procurement Services for review and processing. The requisition should contain the same information as required for competitive bid purposes unless it is for the purchase of State Contract items. Procurement Services will process the requisition in accordance with state data processing guidelines.

Laptops and Desktop Computers

LSU ITS offers a laptop locator tool, which once installed on a computing device, may be used to track it down should it be lost or stolen. LSU faculty and staff may download this resource free of charge through TigerWare.

Hardware Maintenance and Support Services

Purchases of data processing hardware maintenance and support services with a value less than $50,000 may be purchased non-competitively provided price documentation supporting the purchase price is attached to the requisition. For purchases greater than $50,000, the following procedures will apply:

Purchases of data processing hardware maintenance for mission critical equipment (such as mainframes, mainframe peripherals, enterprise servers, or network backbone components) obtained from the OEM can be non-competitively purchased provided price documentation supporting the purchase price is attached to the requisition. Hardware maintenance not acquired through the OEM must be competitively purchased through either the Invitation to Bid (ITB) or Request for Proposal (RFP) process. The successful vendor must be authorized by OEM to perform warranty service on the specific devices. (Documentation of this authorization is required for our files.)

NOTE: Data processing hardware and associated software, hardware maintenance and support service purchases in excess of $100,000, require processing through the State Central Purchasing Agency Procurement Support Team and review by the Office of Information Technology (OIT). Contact Procurement staff for additional information.

For software purchases see Computer Software & Software Related Purchases




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