Computer Software & Software Related Purchases

Important Note: If a Master/Preferred Contract exists for Goods/Services, the Master/Preferred Contract MUST be used. (See Master & Preferred Contracts)

Data Processing Software purchases

For Data Processing Software purchases > $5,000, a requisition must be forwarded to Procurement Services for review and processing.

Also, the following guidelines are to be satisfied:


Data processing software offered commercially (i.e. “off the shelf”) may be purchased non-competitively over $5,000 provided price documentation supporting the software purchase price is attached to the requisition. Otherwise the software must be competitively bid.

Any software purchases that involve electronic cash payments, credit card processing of payments, or accounts receivables must be reviewed prior to the purchase by the Office of Bursar Operations to ensure compliance with the University’s Banking Services contract. An example of this type of software is Point of Sale (POS) software, etc.

*Documentation from quoting vendor/manufacturer or some other valid source must confirm that software is “commercially available off-the-shelf.”

Software Maintenance and Support Services

Purchases of data processing software maintenance and support services with a value less than $50,000 may be purchased non-competitively provided price documentation supporting the software purchase price is attached to the requisition. For purchases greater than $50,000, the following procedures will apply:

Software maintenance in which the software vendor is the only authorized entity to provide product fixes, patches, updates, or upgrades or in instances where the software manufacturer/developer retains ownership of the source code, may be handled non-competitively over $5,000. Any other type of software maintenance must be competitively procured through either the Invitation to Bid (ITB) or Request for Proposal (RFP) process.

*Documentation from quoting vendor/manufacturer must confirm that vendor source is only authorized entity.

NOTE: Terms and conditions other than those included on our Purchase Order require review by Procurement Services to ensure compliance with Louisiana Law and University Policy.

Software purchases over $100,000 may require review by the Office of Information Technology (OIT) and approval by a Procurement Support Team (PST). Involvement of the PST will require detailed justification from the user and may require approvals from Computing Services and the LSU System Office. Users should anticipate 8 to 10 weeks to process bids and make awards for software purchases of $100,000 or more. Contact Procurement staff for additional information.

NOTE: No one is authorized to sign purchasing contracts or Agreements on behalf of the University except those to whom this authority is vested and delegated. All contracts or agreements are to be submitted to Procurement Services for authorized signatures. [see also: Authority to Sign Purchasing Contracts]

For hardware purchasing procedures see Computer Hardware & Hardware Related Purchases.




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