Operating Procedures

PM-13 (University Travel Regulations)

FASOP AS-02-S Supplement to FASOP AS-02 (Travel at University Expense to and from Ebola-Affected Nations)

Presidential Directive - Guidelines Regarding Personal Travel by University Employees and Students to and from Ebola-Affected Nations

FASOP AS-03 (Petty Cash Funds)

FASOP AS-04 (Nonresident Alien Consultant, Contractor,  Scholarship and Fellowship Payments)

FASOP AS-05 (Distinction Between Gifts and Sponsored Agreements)

FASOP AS-06 (Cost Sharing and Matching on Sponsored Projects)

FASOP AS-07 (Cost Transfers on Sponsored Projects)

FASOP AS-08 (Fixed Price Agreements)

FASOP AS-09 (Payment and Billing of Employee Services Between LSU System Campuses for Services Provided to a Non-employing Campus)

FASOP AS-10 (Audit of Customer Service Representative Petty Cash Drawer)

FASOP AS-12 (Accounting for Employee Fringe Benefits)

FASOP AS-13 (Research Participant Payments)

FASOP AS-14 (Providing Declining Balance Cards to University Program Participants)

FASOP AS-15 (Use of E-Verify to Document Employee Eligibility)

FASOP AS-16 (Delegation of Signature Authority for Financial and Administrative Transactions)

FASOP AS-17 (Investment Management)

FASOP AS-18 (High Risk Travel to Restricted Regions and Foreign Adversaries)

FASOP AS-19 (Post-Issuance Tax Compliance for Tax Exempt Bonds)

FASOP AS-21 (Unallowable Costs for Sponsored Agreements)

FASOP AS-22 (Payment Card Merchant Policy)

FASOP AS-23 (Emergency Compensation Policy)

FASOP AS-24 (Mobile Device Policy)

FASOP AS-27 (Use of LSU Tax Identification Number, Agency Accounts and External Bank Accounts)

FASOP AS-30 (Effort Reporting)

FASOP AS-34 (Cash Handling)

FASOP AS-35 (Reporting Foreign Gifts and Contracts)

FASOP AS-36 (Unclaimed Property Reporting)

FASOP AS-37 (Salary and Wage Overpayment Prevention and Recoupment Policy)

FASOP AS-38 (Movable Property Leases)

FASOP PUR-05 (Determination of Acquisition Cost of Taggable Movable Property)

FASOP UAS-01(Courier Services)

FASOP PT&T-01 (Appealing a Parking Violation/Tow)

FASOP HR-01 (Emergency Essential Personnel)

FASOP HR-02 (2-Year Appointments with Reduced Fringe)

FASOP HR-03 (Flexwork Arrangements: Guidelines and Procedure)

FASOP HR-04 (Background Check and Pre-Employment Screening)

FASOP HR-06 (Relocation Incentives)

FASOP FS-01 (Fleet Fuel)

FASOP PD-01 (Security Company Requirements)

FASOP PD-02 (Surveillance and Security Camera Acceptable Use Policy)




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