Name Position Email Expertise
Udeni Balasuriya, BVSc, MS, PhD, FSLCVS Associate Dean for Diagnostic Operations, LADDL Director, and Professor of Virology (PBS)  More than 25 years' experience. Expertise in molecular virology, viral pathogenesis, and diagnostics.
Maria Mitchell, DVM (LSU 2002) Assistant Director  More than 14 years' experience. LADDL veterinary consultant with expertise in microbiology and bacteriology.
Alma Roy, PhD (LSU 2000) Consultant  More than 20 year's experience. Expertise in diagnostics.
Brandye Smith Quality Assurance Coordinator  Quality Assurance
Dee Patel Billing Coordinator   
Jeanette Logsdon Business Office Coordinator   


Assessioning and Receiving

Name Position Email Expertise
Ruby Jackson Coordinator   Receiving


Anatomic Pathology

Name Position Email Expertise
Mariano Carossino, DVM, PhD, DACVM, DACVP Assistant Professor of Veterinary Pathology, Anatomic Pathologist  More than 10 years' experience. Expertise in viral pathogenesis. Expert bovine diagnostician with expertise in cardiac and pulmonary pathology.
Fabio Del Piero, DVM, PhD, DACVP Professor of Veterinary Pathology, Anatomic Pathologist  More than 30 years' experience. Internationally recognized expert in equine pathology and expertise in ruminant diagnostics.
Blake Kitchen Necropsy Technican   
Naomi Falconnier, DVM Anatomic Pathology Resident   
Lauren Guarneri, DVM Anatomic Pathology Resident   


Clinical Pathology

Name Position Email Expertise
Shannon Dehghanpir, DVM (LSU 2013), DACVP Section Head, Assistant Professor of Clinical Pathology (VCS)  More than 9 years' experience. Expertise in clinical pathology and veterinary mycology.
Cindy Berry Medical Technololgist   
Catherine Christiensen Medical Technologist   
Sarah Magee Medical Technologist   
Suzanne Mouch Medical Technologist   
Katie Metcalf, DVM Medical Technologist   



Name Position Email  
Frederic Gaschen,, Dr.habil., DACVIM, DECVIM Professor of Small Animal Internal Medicine (VCS)  More than 40 years' experience. Expertise in small animal internal medicine and gastroenterology
Andrea Johnston, DVM, DACVIM Assistant Professor of Small Animal Internal Medicine  More than 20 years' experience. Expertise in small animal internal medicine and heptobiliary disease
Frank Andrews, DVM, MS, DACVIM Department Head and Professor, Veterinary Clinical Sciences; Director, Equine Health Studies Program  More than 39 years' experience. Expertise in equine internal medicine


Histology and Immunochemistry

Name Position Email
Kendra Shultz Research Associate 
Kayleigh Vicknair Research Associate 


Molecular Laboratory

Name Position Email
Keith Strother Section Head 
Tarra Harden Research Associate 
Laura Peak Research Associate 



Name Position Email Expertise
Amira Ahmed, BVMS, Msc, PhD, DACVM Section Head  More than 15 years of experience in Veterinary Parasitology diagnostics and method development
Brooke Delcambre Research Associate   


Toxicology Laboratory

Name Position Email Expertise
Peter Jowett, PhD Section Head, Toxicologist  32 years experience. Expertise in analytical toxicology.