Diagnostic Pathology Residency

The Veterinary Anatomic Pathology residency program in the Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine (LSU Vet Med) is a three-year program designed to fulfill requirements for the American College of Veterinary Pathologists (ACVP) certifying exam eligibility. This is a highly comprehensive training program that is affiliated with the Louisiana Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory (LADDL), an AAVLD-accredited and NAHLN Level-1 laboratory serving as the reference diagnostic laboratory for the State of Louisiana, and the Department of Pathobiological Sciences. The successful resident will be eligible to participate in the two-phase process of the ACVP examination (Phase I in the spring of their second year and Phase II at the end of their third year). Such specialty board certification is one of the most rigorous in the field and an important credential in veterinary medicine as it certifies the standard skills and knowledge required to help pathologists for a successful career in academia, government research, and institutions, public and private diagnostic labs including zoos government regulatory agencies (such as FDA, USDA, CDC, and EPA), industry (pharmaceutical and biotech companies, chemical companies, contract research organizations).

The program currently consists of five permanent paid residency positions and six ACVP-certified anatomic pathologists. The highly variable case material for the program derives from diagnostic submissions to the LADDL from the LSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital and outside clients and veterinary practices. The residents enrolled in the program participate in diagnostic pathology services and in departmental instructional programs, attend seminars and rounds, and complete core courses on a full-time basis. Residents are also highly encouraged to participate in research projects and investigate case material for presentations and publications. 

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