DVM Transfer Applications

To be considered for a Fall transfer, application materials must be submitted by May 1st prior to the intended semester. To be considered for a Spring transfer, application materials must be received by December 1st prior to the intended semester. 

Guidelines for Transfer into DVM Curriculum

The LSU School of Veterinary Medicine will consider transfer requests on a case-by-case basis subject to availability of space, reason for transfer, quality of the applicant, and alignment of the candidate's completed coursework with the LSU SVM curriculum. Transfer students must be currently enrolled in a professional veterinary degree program, in good standing, have a minimum 3.2 GPA, and not be on academic or disciplinary probation to be considered. Transfers from both AVMA accredited and non-accredited institutions are accepted. Students requesting transfer who are currently on institution-approved leave must include proof that they are in good standing and have been granted permission to return to their program at the end of their leave.

The semester of transfer eligibility is determined once all application materials are submitted. Positions in the first or second year of the program are very limited, if available at all. Transfer consideration will not be give to requests to enter the Phase II clinical training at LSU SVM, which begins in the Spring of the third year of the program. 

Transfer application materials will be held in an open pool for consideration into the most appropriate semester of the curriculum. If no positions are available in a given semester, the applications will roll forward for consideration the next semester if the student remains eligible. Transfer students must demonstrate completion of coursework equivalent to the coursework progress of the class into which they intend transfer. It is typical that students who transfer may lose 1-2 semesters of progress due to misalignment of curricula.