General Requirements

If you are contemplating a career in veterinary medicine, you should have a sound foundation in the biological and physical sciences and a general knowledge of the arts and humanities in both high school and college. In addition, you should be motivated by a respect for animals, a sincere desire to serve the public, a propensity for the biological and medical sciences, and a deep interest in promotion of the health of animal and human populations. You must have a high aptitude for scientific study and must possess an excellent moral and ethical character.

Candidates for the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree must complete a minimum of six years of college education (two or more years of undergraduate or pre-veterinary coursework plus four years of veterinary school). The pre-veterinary requirements may be completed at LSU or at any other accredited college or university offering courses of the quality and content of those prescribed in the LSU General Catalog.

The minimum requirement of 66 semester hours, including 20 hours of elective courses, may be completed in a minimum of two years. A Bachelor's degree is not a requirement for acceptance into LSU Vet Med's DVM program, although applicants are strongly encouraged to follow an undergraduate degree path in the event that entrance into the DVM program is not granted. Successful completion of a pre-veterinary program does not ensure admission to the school for professional training. Typically, there are more qualified applicants each year than there are spaces available to the entering class.

Instruction in the four-year program is available only through LSU Vet Med. Scholastic achievement is measured by performance in the prescribed pre-professional courses. A minimum grade-point average of 3.0 (“A” = 4.00) in these courses is required for consideration for admission. A grade of less than “C” in a required course is unacceptable. Physical education activity courses may not be used as electives for meeting pre-professional requirements. Course requirements are not waived in lieu of work experience and/or earned degrees.

Credit earned through advanced standing is acceptable, but is not used in the computation of the grade-point average. Evaluation of the applicant’s record in the pre-professional program is made in accordance with LSU procedures. Credit is not granted for College Level Examination Program (CLEP) general examinations. Granting of credit for CLEP subject examinations may be considered in those subjects recommended by various departments of the University upon receipt of test scores indicating the student meets the minimum acceptable scores required by those departments.


International Applicants

International transcripts (including those from Canadian schools that issue transcripts in French) must be electronically processed through the World Education Services credential evaluation and received at VMCAS before September 15. Please request a course-by-course equivalency evaluation report.

  • It is recommended that transcripts be submitted to the WES translation service at least one month before the VMCAS deadline.
  • VMCAS does not require a WES credential evaluation for transcripts from English-speaking Canadian institutions.
  • WES will expedite your request for an additional fee.

TOEFL scores are required for all international applicants from a country whose primary language is not English. Students are exempted from the TOEFL requirement if the official language of their country is English, they have recently earned a degree at an American university, or they are from Puerto Rico or an English-speaking Canadian territory.