Summer Scholars Alumni

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2020 Nona Mack-Haynes Scholarship

Mrs. Nona Mack-Haynes, affectionately known as “Mama Plum” was selected as the first coordinator of Summer Scholars. Mama Plum served in that capacity until her retirement in 2001. The Summer Scholars Class of 1995 alums established the Nona Mack-Haynes Scholarship with the goal of endowing the scholarship.

In 2020, Nona Mack Haynes Scholarship was added to the LSU Black Faculty & Staff Caucus Black Scholars Awards Program, which is held each spring semester, to honor students with grade point averages that range from 3.0 to 4.0. The Nona Mack Haynes Scholarship is open to all graduates of the Summer Scholar Program.

2020 Nona Mack-Haynes Scholarship Recipient – Desiree Perkins

Desiree Perkins is a 2018 SSP alum from Ferriday, Louisiana and majoring in English and Sociology. Desiree is a President’s Millennial Scholar and a McNair Scholar.

When asked what does, “Once A Scholar, Always A Scholar” mean to you, Desiree replied, ‘Once a Scholar, Always a Scholar’ means always being a family and being connected through the memories we created and bonds we formed. It means being able to say, ‘I was part of something bigger than myself, an organization filled with other minority students who will go on to do great things.’ ‘Once a Scholar, Always a Scholar’ means being able know that you are not just an LSU student but you are a student that was part of a legacy. This phrase means once you are selected into the program you instantly become connected to those that entered before you and those that will come after you. It means being able to gather knowledge from previous scholars and passing that knowledge plus more to future scholars. Once being a Summer Scholar becomes part of your identity no one can take that away because you will always be a scholar.”

Desiree had these words to share, “With much appreciation, I want to give thanks to each donor who has made a contribution to the Summer Scholars Program. The Summer Scholars Program would not be as successful if it were not for you and your generosity. Lastly, I would like to give a special thanks to Mrs. Nona “Mamma Plum” Mack-Haynes for not only being a blessing to me but others before me.

You all do so much more than you will ever know. It is an honor to have been chosen and blessed with this scholarship.”