About Summer Scholars

LSU University College’s Summer Scholars is a seven-week summer bridge program that prepares selected under-represented students to make a successful transition from high school to the University. This summer experience offers students the opportunity to become adjusted to the academic, personal, and social challenges they may encounter at LSU. Students are provided with a structured environment conducive to building the fundamental skills necessary to enhance the likelihood of successful completion of a baccalaureate degree.  In addition to tutoring, students will attend academic and leadership development workshops, receive extensive academic counseling, and participate in social and cultural activities.
Students selected as LSU Summer Scholars are awarded a summer only scholarship that covers tuition, housing, and a meal plan.

Program Highlights

Selected students are offered opportunities to adjust to the demands of the University both in- and out- of the classroom.

Students will:

  • Enroll in 6 hours of academic coursework
  • Attend study/discussion groups with supplemental instructors and tutors
  • Participate in social and cultural activities
  • Reside in on-campus housing for entire summer term
  • Attend academic, self-improvement, and leadership workshops/seminars
  • Meet with a counselor for academic advising, course scheduling, and assistance with career goal development

Program Vision

The Summer Scholars Program is envisioned as a comprehensive program that provides selected under-represented students with a structured environment conducive to building the fundamental skills necessary to enhance the likelihood of successful completion of a baccalaureate degree. The program provides the selected students with extensive academic and career counseling. In addition, students will participate in a variety of programs and workshops designed to maximize their academic success.

Program Mission

In concert with the LSU’s Flagship Agenda, the mission of Summer Scholars Program is to strategically recruit and retain top students from under-represented groups.  Summer Scholars offers a holistic approach to meeting the demands of the University both in and out of the classroom.  In an effort to carry out its mission, Summer Scholars offers financial assistance to ensure that Louisiana’s most talented, under-represented students have access to the State’s flagship university.

Program History

LSU University College’s Summer Scholars Program (SSP) was founded in 1991 as a summer bridge program for the recruitment and retention of under-represented students at LSU.  A committee of LSU administrators wrote a proposal to fund the attendance of 30 under-represented students to the University.  These students had to meet the LSU admission requirements and were in pursuit of a baccalaureate degree from LSU.  Mrs. Nona Mack-Haynes, affectionately known as “Mama Plum” was the first coordinator of Summer Scholars.  She served in that capacity until her retirement in 2001.The Summer Scholars Class of 1995 formed the Nona Mack Haynes Scholarship in 2001.  The Nona Mack Haynes Scholarship is open to ALL full-time undergraduate students at LSU who are graduates of the Summer Scholar Program.

Summer Scholars Program in its 31-year tenure at LSU, has earned a reputation of excellence for its commitment to the intellectual development of its students.