Staff Resources

Set Up for Success

In our work, being well-connected to campus resources and supported as an individual will help you have the biggest impact on students. This page is dedicated to setting you up for success with that goal in mind.

Support Students

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Student Life

Students have questions and our team can provide the answers. The Student Life webpage organizes students' most pressing questions into an easy to use site so you can help them succeed.

Visit the student life page

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LSU Cares

Dedicated to student wellbeing and to promoting a community that cares about each of its members. Never hesitate to report a student of concern and make a handoff to the right team to assist your student.

Visit the LSU Cares Page


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Supporting Students in Need

It is our team's mission to provide support at key moments for students in need. If a student you know is facing a challenge, please reach out to us.