LSU SRC Investigator Appointed to a World Health Organization Technical Advisory Group


Dr. Jennifer Richmond-Bryant has been appointed to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Global Air Pollution and Health (GAPH) Technical Advisory Group (TAG).

The GAPH TAG is a group of internationally renowned experts in the fields of epidemiology, exposure assessment, health impact assessment, air quality monitoring and modeling, atmospheric science, statistics, environmental policy, and health economics.  The role of the TAG is to provide technical guidance to support WHO’s efforts and work in air pollution and health issues. Headshot of Dr. Richmond-Bryant


Dr. Richmond-Bryant shares, “I am excited to contribute to the WHO’s efforts to inform policymakers and the general public on the adverse effects related to air pollution exposure.”  

An expert in air pollution and exposure assessment, Dr. Richmond-Bryant, joined the LSU Superfund Research Center in 2020 when the Center received a $10.8M grant from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) to continue interdisciplinary research on Environmentally Persistent Free Radicals (EPFRs) - a type of pollution that can form when hazardous waste is combusted. LSU SRC researchers have linked EPFRs to lung and heart disease, childhood obesity, and enhanced severity of respiratory tract infections. Dr. Richmond-Bryant leads the Center’s Project 3 – Hazard Waste Thermal Treatment and Community Exposure to Environmentally Persistent Free Radicals and is a Co-investigator in the Center’s Community Engagement Core.

Photo of Dr. Richmond-Bryant and Dr. Guo installing passive air samplers.


“The perspective gained from our work on Project 3 will inform my thinking about the problems that the TAG is grappling with,” explains Dr. Richmond-Bryant.

The LSU SRC is an interdisciplinary team of scientists based in Baton Rouge but with collaborators around the county, including North Carolina State University, where Dr. Richmond-Bryant is an associate professor of the practice in the Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources and the Center for Geospatial Analytics.


Contact: Jen Irving

LSU Superfund Research Center