Instrument Rates

Instrument and operator time at the SIF is available on a cost basis to both the academic research community and to industry. For scheduling instrument time or training sessions, please contact the appropriate Instrument Specialist or the SIF Manager.

Fiscal Year 2020 Instrument Rate Structure Effective September 1, 2019

Academic Rate (4) Industrial Rate (4) 
Daytime (1,2) Evening / Weekends (1,2)
JEOL 1400 (120kV) TEM $40/hr $30/hr $125/hr
JEOL 1400 (120kV) Cryo-TEM $50/hr $43.75/hr $145/hr
JEOL 2010 (200kV) TEM $40/hr $30/hr $125/hr
JEOL 6610LV SEM $35/hr $26.50/hr $120/hr
JEOL 8230 Electron Microprobe (5) $40/hr $30/hr $125/hr
FEI Focused Ion Beam (FIB) $45/hr (Ga+ milling additional charge) $33.50/hr (Ga+ milling additional charge) $125/hr w/o Ga+
Scienta Omicron XPS (5) $40/hr $30/hr $125/hr

PANalytical XRD:

Rotation Spinner Stage (5)

$25/sample $18.50/sample $80/sample
Chi Phi 5 axis cradle Stage (5)  $25/hr $18.50/hr $100/hr
Non-Ambient Temperature Stage (5) $35/hr $26.50/hr $120/hr
PANalytical XRF $15/sample $18.50/sample $80/sample
Renishaw Raman Spectroscopy $35/hr $26.50/hr $120/hr

Advion Expression CMS: (5)

Walk-up injection

$2.50/sample analysis $10/ sample analysis
 TLC plate reader $10/hr $40/hr
Automated HPLC $10/hr $40/hr
Leica SP8 Confocal Microscope (5) $35/hr $26.50/hr $120/hr
Fluorescent Microscopy:
Leica DM6B, Zeiss Lumar, Olympus IX81
$25/hr $18.50/hr $80/hr
Brightfield Microscopy:
Leica DM6B,Zeiss Lumar, Olympus IX81
$5/hr $50/hr
Leica Cryostat $10/hr $75/hr
Quantum Design SQUID Magnetometer $1.50/hr $75/hr
Liquid He Current LSU He Recovery price or Market price  (if He ordered) Current Market Price of Liq. He


Professional Assistance charges for: (3) Internal rate External rate
1) Instrument Training $25/hr (Instrument usage charged separately) $40/hr (Instrument usage charged separately)
2) Sample preparation $25/hr (Instrument usage charged separately) $40/hr (Instrument usage charged separately)
3) Instrument setup, operation or data collection (including educational courses) $25/hr (Instrument usage charged separately);
$15/sample for Rotation Spinner XRD and XRF
$40/hr (Instrument usage charged separately);
$25/sample for Rotation Spinner XRD and XRF
4) Data synthesis or interpretation $25/hr (Instrument usage charged separately) $40/hr (Instrument usage charged separately)
Consumable Charges
(not inclusive of all consumable charges)
$8 per Sectioned LM Slide
$10 per EM/LM chemicals
$100 per IMMUNO Labeling
$8 per 2min metal Sputter coat
$2 per nanometer Carbon coat
$3 per Copper grid
$20 per CryoEM prep. for LN2  and LC2H6
$15/hr for FIB Gasource usage
$15 per sample for LeNeo fusion and pressed pellet Other Consumables will be charged at cost of supplies
$20 per Sectioned LM Slide
$20 per EM/LM chemicals
$150 per EMMUNO labeling
$15 per Pt. Sputter coat (2 min.)
$3 per nanometer Carbon coat
$10 per Copper grid
$40 per CryoEM prep.
FIB Gasource usage $35/hr
$30 per XRF pellet prep Other Consumables at cost


  1. Facility "Daytime" rate hours are from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. & "Evening" rate hours are 6 p.m. to 8 a.m. Eligibility requirements for access to use instrumentation during the Evening and Weekend periods is provided on the SIF website in the Facility Policies section.
  2. Instrumentation reservations are made through the online iLab system and will be charged in-full at the rates listed above. Cancellation of any reservation must occur at least 2 hours prior to the scheduled time to avoid being charged.
  3. There is a minimum charge of 30 minutes for any Professional Assistance that is required or requested.
  4. The minimum charge for instrumentation use is 30 minutes, charges based on rates listed above.
  5. Continuous overnight usage rates for selected instrumentation are: $400/night for Electron Microprobe, XPS, & Confocal Microscope, $300/day for XRD, and $120/day for TLC/HPLC (Facility Assistance charged separately). Daytime & Evening/Weekend rates will apply for non-continuous overnight usage of less than 10 hours/user.
  6. All Industrial requests must be made through the SIF Director and at minimum a "Scope of Work" is required prior to starting any project.
  7. Educational usage for accredited courses will be charged 25% of the Academic rates listed above, Facility Assistance for class/lab is charged separately. Samples used for educational courses are required to be "Non-Research" related and must be provided to the SIF at least two days prior to the instrument reservation. Course usage must be scheduled within 3 weeks from the beginning of each semester.