Instrument Rates

Instrument and operator time at the SIF is available on a cost basis to both the academic research community and to industry. For scheduling instrument time or training sessions, please contact the appropriate Instrument Specialist or the SIF Manager.

Instrument Academic Rate (Assisted)(5) Academic Rate (Unassisted)(5) Industrial Rate(8)
Daytime Evening / Weekend(2)
JEOL 1400 TEM (120kV)


$75/hr Cryo-TEM


$50/hr Cryo-TEM


$37.50/hr Cryo-TEM


$145/hr Cryo-TEM

JEOL 2011 TEM (200kV)
$65/hr $40/hr $30/hr  $125/hr
JEOL 6610LV SEM $60/hr $35/hr $26.50/hr $100/hr
JEOL 8230 Electron Microprobe $65/hr $40/hr(6) $30/hr $125/hr
FEI Quanta 3D Focused Ion Beam (FIB)

$70/hr w/o Ga*

$80/hr with Ga*

$45/hr w/o Ga*

$55/hr with Ga*

$33.50/hr w/o Ga*

$43.50/hr with Ga*

$125/hr w/o Ga*

$160/hr with Ga*

ScientaOmicron  ESCA 2SR XPS/Auger $65/hr $40/hr $30/hr $125/hr

PANalytical Empyrean XRD: Rotation Spinner Stage(7)

 $40/sample $25/sample $18.50/sample $80/sample

PANalytical Empyrean XRD: Chi Phi 5 axis cradle Stage(7)

$50/hr $25/hr $18.50/hr $100/hr

PANalytical Empyrean XRD: Non-Ambient Temperature Stage(7)

$60/hr $35/hr $26.50/hr $120/hr

PANalytical Epsilon 3XLE XRF

$30/sample $15/sample $11.25/sample $65/sample

Leica SP8 Confocal Microscope with White Light Laser system

$60/hr $35/hr $26.50/hr $120/hr

Leica SP2 Confocal Microscope

$50/hr $25/hr $18.50/hr $100/hr

Fluorescence Microscopy:
Lecia DM6B Upright Microscope
Zeiss Lumar Inverted Microscope
Zeiss Axiovert 200 Inverted Microscope
Olympus IX81 Inverted Microscope

$50/hr $25/hr $18.50/hr $80/hr

Bright field Microscopy:
Leica DM6B Upright Microscope
Ziess Lumar Inverted Microscope
Zeiss Axiovert 200 Inverted Microscope
Olympus IX81 Inverted Microscope

$30/hr $5/hr $3.50/hr $50/hr

Leica Cryostat

$35/hr $10/hr $7.50/hr $75/hr

Quantum Design SQUID Magnetometer

$26.50/hr $1.50/hr $1.50/hr $75/hr

Liquid HE

Current LSU He Recovery Center price ($3.50/l) or Market price (if He ordered) Current market price of Liq. He

Professional Assistance charge for:(4)

1.) Instrument Training

2.) Sample Preparation

3.) Instrument setup, operation or data collection  (including educational courses)

4.) Data synthesis or interpretation

$25/hr $25/hr

Consumable Charges

(not inclusive of all consumable charges)

Other Consumables at cost

$5 per Sectioned LM Slide

$6 per EM/LM chemicals

$5 per metal Sputter coat (2 min.) / $1 per nanometer (nm) Carbon Coat

$3 per Copper grid

$10 per Cryo-EM prep.

$10 per sample for LeNeo fusion and pressed pellet

$15 per LM Slide

$15 per chemicals

$15 per Sputter coat

$10 per Copper grid

$30 per Cryo-EM prep.

$30 per XRD pellet prep

  1. Facility is open during official LSU work days (schedule may vary during winter, spring and summer breaks)
  2. Facility daily hours are normally from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.; evening (6 p.m. to 7 a.m.) and weekend time can be scheduled by Qualified Users
  3. Scheduled Instrumentation time will be charged the rates listed above, unless the "reservation" is cancelled one hour prior to the scheduled time
  4. There is a minimum charge of 1/2 hour for Professional Assistance that is required or requested
  5. The minimum charge for instrumentation use is 1/2 hour of the rates listed above
  6. A daily rate of $400/day will be charged for continuous 24 hour use of the JEOL 8230 Electron Microprobe. Assistance will be charged separately
  7. A daily rate of $300/day will be charged for continuous overnight analytical runs on the XRD
  8. All Industrial requests must be made through the SIF Manager and at a minimum a "Scope of Work" is required prior to starting any analyses. Rates listed above are for instrumentation usage, any assistance time will be charged separately.
  9. Educational usage for accredited courses will be charged 25% of the Unassisted Academic Daytime rates listed above. Assistance provided by the SIF for educational usage will be an additional charge at the normal rate listed above. Samples that will be used for educational courses are required to be "non research" related and must be provided to the SIF at least two (2) days prior to the instrument reservation for the course. Courses must be scheduled through the SIF Manager at the beginning of each semester, to ensure schedule availability.