We offer a broad range of Microscopy and Microanalytical services. Our 14,000 sq. ft. facility is centrally located in the Chemistry and Materials Building on the main campus of LSU and contains analytical labs, offices, and research work and meeting spaces. We are proud to be a hub for Academic and Industrial researchers from across our region and nationally.

We provide academic and industrial researchers access to instrumentation for investigating a wide range of materials over a length-scale of centimeters to angstroms for living, soft, and hard materials. Our Microscopy services include Brightfield, Fluorescence (upright and inverted), Confocal, Scanning and Transmission Electron, and Raman Microscopy.

Our analytical suite of instrumentation provides multiple ways to investigate your research materials through microanalysis and bulk material measurements. Many of the techniques available at the SIF are complimentary to or corroborative of each other, providing the ability to create mineable true data-cube for your research for a broad range of properties and parameters.