JEOL 1400 Biological and Soft Material TEM

JEOL 1400

JEM-1400 TEM is optimized for high-contrast imaging. The microscopes equipped with high-tiltviewing and for applications requiring a large field of view. The bottom mount camera is a high-resolution water-cooled CCD-camera with 2K x 2K high resolution.

Accelerating voltage: 40-120 kV

Cathodes: tungsten or LaB6

Magnification: 50X-3,000,000K

Resolution: Lattice Image 0.20nm, Point Image 0.38nm

Applications: Biological, polymer and materials science

Specimen Chamber: Specimen per Load 3, Specimen Tilt Angle (X-axis) ±25 ̊

Specimen Movements: X, Y. Direction ± 1.0mm, Z Direction ± 0.5mm

The Gatan cryoplunge system provides the ability to prepare consistent and high-quality frozen hydrated specimens for cryoTEM imaging. CryoTEM has become a powerful tool for structural biologists and soft polymer chemists.

Basics on CryoEM