Oxy-Anion Stable Isotope Consortium | LSU Department of Geology & Geophysics



Analysis Analytical Precision Analyzer Turnaround Time
Water (Liquid and vapor)  δ18O 0.03 ‰ Los Gato Cavity
ring-down spectroscopy 
1-2 weeks 
δD 0.2 ‰
Sulfate, nitrate, phosphate, cellulose, oxides, etc. δ18O 0.3 ‰ MAT253 - TCEA  2-4 weeks 
Nitrate δ15N 0.3 ‰
Sulfate, nitrate, phosphate, oxides, etc. Δ17O 0.05 ‰ MAT253 - Dual inlet-Fluorination laser line system 2-4 weeks
Carbonate  δ13C 0.08‰ MAT253 - Gas Bench  1-2 weeks 
δ18O 0.1‰
Sulfate, sulfides, elemental S, organic S, etc.  δ 34S and %S 0.2‰ Isoprime100- EA with TCD 1-2 weeks
δ 34S, δ 33S, and δ 36S 0.005‰ (D33S) MAT253 - Dual inlet-Fluorination line system 4-5 weeks
Solid organic matters  δ13C and %C 0.1‰ Isoprime100- EA with TCD  1-2 weeks 
δ15N and %N 0.3‰


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