Oxy-Anion Stable Isotope Consortium | LSU Department of Geology & Geophysics

About Us

Oxy-Anion Stable Isotope Consortium (OASIC) was established by Prof. Huiming Bao in 2001 at Louisiana State University (U.S.A). OASIC’s research and educational activities are relevant to energy, environment, and human well-being. OASIC is now offering high-quality stable isotope ratio measurement services to the greater research, government, and industrial communities.


A common thread of our research has been the use of high-dimensional stable isotope systems to "read" geological, biological, and environmental records, with a special interest in the history of our evolving atmosphere.

The tools that we use include gas-source isotopic ratio mass spectrometry (dual-inlet and conflo), laser-fluorination systems, vacuum lines, GC, IC, ICP-ES, SEM, XRD, and wet- and photo-chemistry lab facilities. OASIC has built up a unique stable isotope laboratory that is specialized in the isotope-ratio measurements of most elements in water-soluble oxy-anions such as sulfate, nitrate, perchlorate, phosphate, and hydroxide. OASIC is capable of chemical preparation and measurement of δD, δ15N, δ18O, δ17O, δ34S, δ33S, and δ36S values of SO42-, NO3-, ClO4-, and PO43-with the best precisions in the community.