Managing for Climate Change YouTube Playlist

Managing for a Changing Climate is a free online course offered by the University of Oklahoma. This course will provide an integrative understanding of the components of the climate system including the range of natural climate variability and external drivers of climate change, in addition to impacts of a changing climate on multiple sectors such as the economy, policy, ecosystems, and indigenous populations. Guest instructors from the South Central Climate Science Center research and stakeholder networks will be solicited for their area of expertise to discuss targeted course topics. Click the link below to get started!

Managing for a Changing Climate YouTube

Climate 101 Workshops

At the South Central CASC, we’ve conducted Climate 101 workshops for natural and cultural resource managers across our region. Our Climate 101 workshops include an introduction to climate science, climate projections, and regional impacts of climate change. Each workshop is uniquely designed to meet the needs of our audience. To see materials from our previous workshops, click on the links below. If you’re interested in having a Climate 101 conducted for Louisiana, email at or click the link below to learn more!

Climate 101 Workshop Information - Louisiana

Climate Vulnerability Assessments

The Climate Vulnerability Assessment is a how-to guide to training communities on climate vulnerability and assessments. The training is based off a real world situation and details each step of the process. A combination of documentation and videos are used to assist in this type of training. If you have any questions, feel free to email at or click the link below to learn more!

Climate Vulnerability Assessment Training

Funding Opportunities

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