About the South Central Climate Adaptation Science Center

.CASC Network Map representing the following regions: Northwest, Southwest, North Central, South Central, Midwest, Northeast, Southeast, Alaska, and the Pacific Islands
SC CASC Region

The Department of the Interior established the South Central Climate Adaptation Science Center (SC-CASC) in 2012 as one of eight regional institutions across the United States to research the impacts of climate variability on natural and cultural resources. South Central Climate Adaptation Science Center focuses specifically on Louisiana, New Mexico, Texas, and Oklahoma. Seven organizations participate in the SC-CASC: University of Oklahoma, Louisiana State University, Texas Tech University, Oklahoma State University, the

 Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, the Chickasaw Nation of Oklahoma, and University of New Mexico (shown in the map to the right). Additionally, these branches partner with local, regional, and federal agencies to create a network of scientists who work together todevelop tools to manage the effects of climatic changes within each region.

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  • Establish innovative techniques to study the impacts of climate variability.
  • Produce and analyze scientific data to gain a better understanding of how climate change impacts the regional landscapes.
  • Create a network of scientists that communicate with decision makers to address the effects of a more variable climate.
  • Develop better methods for the management of land, water, wildlife, and cultural heritage resources.

SC-CASC Bylaws
SC-CASC Strategic Communications Plan

South Central Climate Adaptation Science Center At Louisiana State University

In contrast to most other areas in the south central region, Louisiana displays a unique set of concerns regarding climate variability. Coastal erosion, flooding, hurricanes, saltwater intrusion into aquifers, and water management systems number among the problems facing the region. Researchers from the South Central Climate Adaptation Science Center at Louisiana State University (SC-CASC-LSU) investigate diverse facets of regional climate change including climatology, paleoclimatology, agricultural climatology, environmental archaeology, human dimensions of climate change, water resources, and estuarine and coastal ecosystems. SC-CASC-LSU maintains partnerships with federal agencies, research institutions, and climate adaptation science centers across the region to provide a conduit for exchanging information and developing strategies to adapt to climate change.

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