Request an Accountability Advisor

Accountability Advisors, as described on this site, do not apply in cases involving Title IX (PM-73). 

For information regarding Advisors in the Title IX process, please see page 10 of PM-73, which contains LSU’s Title IX policies. Any questions regarding Advisors in that process may contact LSU’s Title IX Coordinator.

Per Section 6.1 of the Code of Student Conduct, a student has the right to have one Advisor of his/her choice present during any accountability meeting.

Accountability Advisors are faculty, staff, and graduate students who have been trained to assist students through the Accountability Process.  

Advisors can:

  • Help students understand the accountability process and discuss available options
  • Help students prepare for meetings, formulate questions, and gather supporting documentation

Advisors cannot:

  • Serve as a Material Observer and Advisor simultaneously

Steps to Find an Accountability Advisor

Understand your charges and your rights as a student by reviewing the Code of Student Conduct. Information about a student's right to have one Advisor can be found in Section 4.5 and 6.6. Respondents may have an attorney or non-attorney advisor represent them during any meetings with SAA. If you are unable to locate an Advisor and would like to be connected with one, please see the listing below and reach out to schedule a time to meet either in-person, phone or email.

If you cannot reach your Advisor within 2 business days, or do not receive a response within 2 business days, please contact Student Advocacy & Accountability at

Create a timeline of events leading up to your alleged charges. Students may be asked to prepare a written statement, which may be prepared in advance.

If an Advisor will be attending the meeting, you will be asked to complete an Authorization to Release Information (FERPA) form.

Accountability Advisor Contact Information

Communication Studies and Residential Life

Lisa Hebert


Ann Martin

Humanities & Social Sciences

Heather Bull