LSU is a caring community.  We want students to have fantastic academic careers coupled with outstanding experiences outside of the classroom.  However, certain challenges can alter the course of a student and compromise his or her success. 

In order to reach students facing difficulties, the office of Student Advocacy & Accountability must first identify the student.  With such a large population we must rely on those in close contact to refer students of concern.  Referrals are welcome from anyone with a sincere concern for a student’s welfare.  Faculty, friends, staff, parents and family members are welcome to contact the office via phone, email or in person.

Once a concern has been expressed about a student, the C.A.R.E. Manager or appropriately designated staff member will assess the situation and respond accordingly.  Appropriate steps are taken to provide support to students of concern.  However, please be aware that referral agents may not receive additional information regarding the status of the referral or student due to FERPA compliance.