• "Property" is defined as all tangible non-consumable movable property owned by LSU. All items of movable property having an acquisition cost of ($1,000) or more, and certain gifts and other property having an appraised value of ($1,000) or more must be placed into inventory. Cost of materials and supplies used to fabricate a piece of equipment must be coded correctly for purchases and upon completion, Property Management should be notified in order to have the equipment tagged and recorded as inventory.  Departments are to bear this in mind when coding requisitions for equipment purchases and receiving donations of property that is to be placed into inventory.
  • Comply with all property laws, rules, regulations, policies and procedures concerning identification, management, and disposal of inventory property.

Physical Inventory Reporting

  • Annual physical inventory is conducted using the Inventory Scanning Application.  The cycle typically runs from March 1 through October.  See Inventory Process for details.
  • Report all stolen items immediately to appropriate law enforcement agency then forward police report and completed Action Request Form to Property Management. For theft/loss involving computer resources, please refer to PS-114(Security of Computing Resources) for further information.

Surplus/Disposal of Property

  • Submit an Action Request Form to initiate the surplus or disposal of any equipment. Any equipment deemed as scrap will become the responsibility of the department for removal and disposal of such equipment once approval is received.
  • Surplus equipment at the Surplus Warehouse (located in the Warehouse District off River Road) is available for redistribution to departments.  Departments receiving surplus items are responsible for moving items back to campus.  A work order can be submitted with Facility Services (for a fee) if needed.

Fleet Management

  • In accordance with State Fleet Regulations, departments are to submit the MV-3/MV-4 (Daily Vehicle Log & Preventive Maintenance) reports for each vehicle to Property Management. The MV-3/MV-4 report is to be submitted the first week of each month to report the previous month's information. Contact Property Management (ph 225-578-6921) if you need additional forms and/or instructions.
  • Use of University/State Vehicle
    • Prior to driving a university-owned vehicle, a person must become a University Authorized Driver.  The Driver Authorization process and required online forms can be found at LSU Office of Risk Management, along with general vehicle use procedures pertaining to fleet, rental and/or personal vehicles.
  • Remember to submit a Condition Report for a trade-in vehicle, or exemption to such, when procuring a vehicle. See for complete instructions.
  • All state vehicles MUST maintain the following items at all times:
    • Required Decals (State of LA Official Business, Yellow Don’t Trash LA & Door Decals).   If decals have been weathered, please request new decals.
    • Updated inspection sticker must be on vehicle
    • Updated Letter of Insurance (replaced annually) ORM memo regarding Auto Bodily Injury & Property Damage Liability Policy in lieu of showing proof of insurance. The form can be found on Property Management’s website.  Keep in glove compartment.
    • LA State Fleet Management’s Operator’s Manual Brochure.  Please contact Property  Management  for a copy and keep in glove compartment.
    • Updated MV-3/MV-4/Safety Checklist (Daily Vehicle Fuel & Mileage Log) that is properly completed with accurate odometer readings with fuel, maintenance and repair costs.  Preventive Maintenance performed every 6 months. Safety Checklist completed monthly or as needed before trips.
    • Blank Accident Report Form.  Keep in glove compartment with Insurance letter and Operator’s manual.

Procedures to Transfer Equipment to a Non-Louisiana State Institution

  • Property Management must be notified in writing if equipment is to be transferred to non-Louisiana State institutions/agencies. It is the responsibility of the department to provide Property Management information on the items requested to be transferred. An Action Request Form is to be submitted with complete itemized list of all equipment proposed for transfer. It is to be noted that the time required to process forms and other necessary paperwork and to obtain approval from all parties concerned can be lengthy. Therefore, plans are to be made accordingly and allow for sufficient lead time. Additional information can be found under Property Management Procedures, 8.H.
  • For items purchased with "State" funds, equipment is to remain with the department. If the department has no need for the equipment, department head is to contact various disciplines within the University to see if the equipment could be of further use. If there is no need for the equipment within the University community, Property Management will process the necessary form to State LPAA requesting a transfer. The receiving institution is to submit a written request indicating items to be transferred and the dollar amount the institution is willing to pay. Of course, the final decision will be made by State LPAA. Whatever dollar amount is agreed by the receiving institution, the University, and State LPAA, the check will be made to State of Louisiana- Division of Administration. No funds will be received for the rendering department unless a special request is made to use such funds to purchase like items. This request is to be made in advance with appropriate signatures provided by the department head, dean or director, and appropriate Vice Chancellor.
  • For items purchased with "Sponsored Projects" funds that have expired, in most cases the equipment ownership is transferred to the University. Therefore, the above scenario is the same when a request is made to transfer equipment to another institution. However, depending on the grant type, 80% of the funds generated will be kept by the University department relinquishing the equipment.
  • For items purchased with "Sponsored Projects" funds whereby the grant is still active, the Granting Agency must provide a written statement to the University indicating their approval to transfer equipment to another institution.


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