Learn About the Physics of Superheroes at LSU on March 11

March 2, 2017

 poster               BATON ROUGE – LSU Department of Physics & Astronomy will host author and Professor James Kakalios for a fun and informative talk that will explore the science behind our
favorite superheroes and answer these big questions:

• Can memory materials explain how The Human Torch and Mr. Fantastic’s costumes return to normal even after bursting into flames or stretching like rubber?

• Have scientists found the secret to Spider Man’s ability to climb walls?

• Was it the fall or the webbing that killed Gwen Stacy in the classic /Amazing Spider Man/ #121?

• What is the chemical composition of Captain America’s shield?

              Superhero comic books get their science right more often than one would expect! Join Dr. Kakalios on Saturday, March 11 at 11 am on the LSU Campus in room 130 Nicholson Hall, across from the LSU Union on Tower Drive. Kakalios will be available to sign copies of his book, The Physics of Superheroes.

              James Kakalios is the Taylor Distinguished Professor in the University of Minnesota's School of Physics and Astronomy. His research interests include nanocrystalline and amorphous semiconductors and fluctuation phenomena in neurological systems. He has been reading comic books longer than he has been studying physics. To learn more about Kakalios, visit http://www.physicsofsuperheroes.com




Mimi LaValle
LSU Department of Physics & Astronomy