Subaward Process

Illustration of Subaward processHere is an overview of the subaward issuance process.

  1. PI submits OSP-3 form to OSP
  2. OSP drafts subaward and emails to PI for approval in GeauxGrants
  3. PI reviews and approves subaward
  4. OSP obtains necessary signatures from subrecipient and LSU
  5. OSP creates requisition in Workday and submits for necessary approvals
  6. Once PO is issued in Workday, OSP emails fully-executed subaward to subrecipient

When an award is received that involves a Subrecipient, the Principal Investigator (PI) should complete and email a copy of the OSP-3 Form – Request to Draft Subaward to  The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP) will draft the subaward and email to the PI for approval.  OSP will obtain necessary signatures (Subrecipient and LSU).

OSP will create a requisition in Workday, attach the subaward and route in Workday for necessary approvals (Cost Center Manager, Procurement). 

Once the Purchase Order is issued by Procurement, OSP will email a fully executed copy to the subrecipient and PI.

To request an amendment to existing subaward the PI should complete and email a copy of the OSP-4 Form – Request to Amend Subaward to

See the Subaward Checklist for additional details on the subaward process.