Proposal Process

Illustration of Proposal Process

Here is an overview of the proposal routing and submission process


  1. PI develops idea
  2. PI conducts funding search
  3. PI and/or Department prepares proposal and budget
  4. PI and/or Department routes proposal in GeauxGrants
  5. OSP reviews and approves proposal
  6. PI or OSP submits proposal to sponsor

All proposals must be submitted to OSP via GeauxGrants. GeauxGrants is the University’s electronic pre-award system for grants management.   All proposals for a streamlined review need to be routed through GeauxGrants at least seven (7) business days prior to the proposal submission deadline. Routing incomplete proposal packages to satisfy the seven (7) business days deadline is not acceptable and can delay processing.

The following required information and sections (tabs in GeauxGrants) must be completed for OSP’s streamlined review:

  • Setup Questions
  • LSU Questionnaire
  • Budget (including the budget justification)
  • Personnel
  • Internal Uploads & Routing (any sponsor forms which contain budgetary information and/or require Authorized Organizational Representative signature)

Additional time should be provided if the proposal is interdisciplinary or multi-institutional,  includes matching commitments from third parties, or for an expanded review.

Please refer to the GeauxGrants Helpdesk for additional information.