Project Function Types

  • Research - All sponsored research and development activities, and research training activities and other separately budgeted research. Research is composed of the following types:

    Basic Applied Development

    Definition:  Research undertaken primarily to acquire new knowledge without any particular application or use in mind.

    Definition:  Research conducted to gain the knowledge or understanding to meet a specific, recognized need.

    Definition:  The systemic use of the knowledge or understanding gained from research directed toward the production of useful materials, devices, systems, or methods, including the design and development of prototypes and processes.


    • A researcher is studying the properties of human blood to determine what affects coagulation
    • A researcher is studying the properties of molecules under various heat and cold conditions
    • A researcher is studying the heart chambers of various fish species


    • A researcher is conducting research on how a new chicken pox vaccine affects blood coagulation
    • A researcher is investigating the properties of particular substances under various heat and cold conditions with the objective of finding longer lasting components for highway pavement
    • A researcher is examining various levels of toxic substance to determine the maximum safe level for fish in a stream


    • A researcher is conducting clinical trials to test a newly developed chicken pox vaccine for young children
    • A researcher is working with state transportation officials to conduct tests of a newly developed highway pavement under various types of heat and cold conditions
    • A researcher has a contract with the U.S. government to design a new stream monitoring system that will incorporate the latest research findings on toxicity levels for fish
  • Instruction - All activities which are part of the instructional program, including teaching and non-research training activities,  organized activities relating to educational departments, extramural teaching and correspondence study; excludes office of college deans and equivalent academic administration.
  • Public Service - Cooperative extension, short courses and conferences, institutes and other non-instructional services beneficial to external groups.
  • Scholarship/Fellowship - Grants-in-aid, trainee stipends, tuition and fee waivers and prizes.