Meet Rasidah Ali, NSF Graduate Research Fellow

photo of Rasidah Ali


Name: Rasidah O. Ali

Hometown: Dallas, TX

Undergraduate Institution: Texas Southern University, Houston, TX

Undergraduate Degree: BS, Chemistry

Year in graduate school: 3rd Year Graduate Student

Research Advisor: Dr. Louis Haber

Research Topic:  
I use Second Harmonic Generation (SHG) spectroscopy in studying liposomes, which are small vesicles made of phospholipids that resemble cell membranes. By examining fundamental molecule-membrane interactions, modifications in drug delivery can be improved and enhanced. We focus on using different types of dyes and liposomes with various functional groups and charges to enhance physiochemical interactions.

Honors & Awards:  LSAMP Scholar, BD fellow, Emerging Researchers National (ERN) Conference - First place- Technology and Engineering/Nanoscience 

Plans after doctorate: I am interested in working in the nanomaterial industry and continue my outreach within my community.

There is a list of people I could thank but I would like to thank everyone at my undergraduate institution: Michelle Tolbert, Dr. Sonya Good and Dr. Bobby Wilson for helping me see my passion for science and the exposure. I would also like to thank Dr. Tyrslai Willams and Dr. Isiah Warner for their support and words of encouragement while in my Ph.D. program. Without a strong support system, I do not know where I will be today.

Advice for future STEM students: My advice to STEM students like myself is "Do not be in a box, do the unexpected.”