Chemical Complex Analysis System

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instructional graphic

Figure 1

The Chemical Complex Analysis System has been developed and used to demonstrate optimization of a chemical production complex. The System incorporates economic, environmental and sustainable costs. and solves a MINLP for the best configuration of plants.

The structure of the Chemical Complex Analysis System is shown in Figure 1. The system incorporates a flowsheeting component where the simulations of the plants in the complex are entered. Individual processes can be drawn on the flowsheet using a graphics program. The plants are connected in the flowsheet as shown in Figure 2. For each process material and energy balances, rate equations, equilibrium relations and thermodynamic and transport properties are entered through windows and stored in the database to be shared with the other components of the system. Also, the economic model is entered as an equation associated with each process with related information for prices, costs, and sustainable costs that are used in the evaluation of the Total Cost Assessment for the complex. The TCA component includes the total profit for the complex that is a function of the economic, environmental and sustainable costs and income from sales of products. Then the information is provided to either GAMS/DICOPT for solving the Mixed Integer Nonlinear Programming (MINLP) problem for the optimum configuration of plants in the complex. Also, the sources of pollutant generation are located by the pollution index component of the system using the EPA pollution index methodology.

instructional graphic

Figure 2

Additional information can be obtained by contacting the Mineral Processing Research Institute.


The installation procedure and hardware and system requirements for the Chemical Complex Analysis System are given below. The setup program will install the Chemical Complex Analysis System and the Help system to your hard disk.

Hardware & System Requirements

To run the Chemical Complex Analysis System, you must have certain hardware and software installed on your computer. The system requirements include: 

  • Any IBM compatible machine with Pentium 133 processor or higher 
  • 16 megabytes available space (minimum) 
  • Any display supported by Windows 7 
  • A mouse or other suitable pointing device 
  • Windows 7 or later, or Windows NT 4.0

Installation Procedure

The Chemical Complex System must be installed under Windows 7 or Windows NT. The procedure to install Chemical Complex Analysis System is described as follows:

  • Run complexsys.exe program under Windows 7 or Windows NT.
  • The default destination directory is C:\ Program Files\Chemical Complex System into which the program and the help file will be copied when the setup program is run. This can be changed in the setup program.
  • The setup program installs GAMS in the gams25 subdirectory of the installation directory. If GAMS is already installed and you would like to use the already installed version of GAMS, remove the check mark next to Gams25 in the installation program.
  • Run the program ComplexSys.exe in the Installation directory.

To run the Chemical Complex Analysis System, the system requires certain .dll and .ocx files. The installation program copies the required files into the system directory if those files are not available in the system. If older versions of the files exist, then the installation program updates these files. The setup program provides an option to restore the initial .dll and .ocx files in the uninstall procedure. If the destination computer is on a network, the program can be installed only if the user has the permission to install(contact the system administrator).