Research Emphasis

  • Optimization of Chemical Production (Multiple Plants) Complexes
    • On-line optimization, pinch technology, optimal chemical complex configuration
  • Pollution Prevention, Waste Minimization and Inherently Safer Design
    • Process modification, automation, material changes (e.g. new solvents and chemical pathways), process intensification
    • Advanced methods for chemical complexes - Sustainable Development
      • Total Cost Accounting
      • Life Cycle Assessment
      • Sustainable Costs and Credits
  • Risk Management
    • Hazard and operability analysis, process safety management, fault detection and consequence prevention, equipment and human reliability analysis
  • Chemical Industry Resiliency
    • Determine the capability of a chemical complex to absorb and recover from adverse events and of the impact of these events on the supply chain of critical chemicals.

Sponsored Research Support

Active sponsored research of $0.5 million from the U. S Army Missile Defense Command, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Department of Energy (DOE), and the Gulf Coast Hazardous Substance Research Center.

  • Federal - EPA, DOD
  • State- DNR
  • Industry - IMC Agrico, Monsanto, Motiva (formerly Star/Texaco)