College of Humanities & Social Sciences

College of Humanities & Social Sciences



You enjoy uncovering our past to understand our future, and you don't mind getting your hands dirty. 

Students take notes during forensic anthropology class.


Communication Disorders

You like helping others and are fascinated by the intricate nature of human communication. 

Communication studies student works at the local senior living facility.


Communication Studies

You like public speaking and performance, and you feel at your best when debating an argument.

Communication Studies students give a presentation on language.


You are fascinated by crime and the criminal justice system. 

Students ask police questions at safety day.


Economics, B.A.

You have a keen interest in the economy - both global and domestic.

Student studies economy.


You are creative by nature - whether writing stories, poems or screenplays - and want to share your ideas with the world. 

English student reads paper.


You love the French language and culture, and you want to learn more about its influence in the global marketplace.

Students take a street tour of Paris.


You are naturally curious about exploring world geography and how new technologies will help us understand culture and our physical landscape.

Student gives presentation on the Middle East.


You like to read about the events that have shaped the world and are fascinated by the ways in which those events unfolded.

Students learn history in Hill Memorial

International Studies

You are curious about other cultures and the issues that drive global politics.

Students learn about different cultures at the international expo.

Liberal Arts

You have diverse interests and a desire to affect positive change. You see the world and yourself as a work in progress

photo: liberal arts classroom


You have an admiration for the great thinkers throughout human history who defined their times and left behind legacies for future generations.

Students give philosophy presentations.

Political Science

You are intrigued by the political process and want to know more about how government systems work. 

Students sit in on session during LSU Day.


You are fascinated by all aspects of the human mind and want to know more. 

Students conduct psychology research.

Religious Studies

You believe that to understand religion is to understand the world.


Screen Arts

You have a passion for the film industry and are intrigued by storytelling.



You are not only interested in individual behavior, but also fascinated by how humans behave in groups.

Students listen to lecture.


You love the Spanish language and culture and want to pursue a career that will take you anywhere in the Spanish-speaking world.

Student learns more at Hispanic showcase.