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Screen Arts

You look at the world like you're behind the camera and ready to tell a story on film.

About Screen Arts

The screen arts program gives you the opportunity to study the history, theory, and practice of film and media, approaching the field as both an industry and an art. With classes ranging from critical analysis to hands-on film production, you will be prepared to enter the growing film industry in Louisiana or to go on for further graduate work in film school and master’s or PhD programs.


  • History, Theory, & Criticism
  • Production
  • Screenwriting

Possible Careers

  • Cinematographer
  • Director
  • Filmmaker
  • Production manager
  • Screenwriter  

Email or call 225-578-3141 for more information.

Senior College

College of Humanities & Social Sciences


B.A., Bachelor of Arts

Course Load by Subject Area

  • Social Studies  High Intensity
  • Electives  Medium Intensity
  • Foreign Languages  Medium Intensity
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