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Political Science

You are intrigued by the political process and want to know more about how government systems work.

About Political Science 

In this major, you can study political topics ranging from healthcare reform to international diplomacy. Through this exploration, you will develop knowledge and analytical skills that can help you succeed in a career in public policy, city management, and law.

Concentrations Available

  • American Government & Politics
  • Comparative Government & Politics
  • International Politics & Law
  • Law & Legal Systems
  • Political Theory
  • Public Policy & Political Analysis
  • Race, Ethnicity, & Gender
  • Without Concentration

Possible Careers

  • Community affairs coordinator
  • Community organizer
  • Lawyer
  • Municipal manager
  • Politician
  • Regional planner

Email hss@lsu.edu or call 225-578-3141 for more information.

Senior College

College of Humanities & Social Sciences


B.A., Bachelor of Arts

Course Load by Subject Area

  • History & Law: High Intensity
  • Electives: Medium Intensity
  • Foreign Language: Medium Intensity
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