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This page should help you find a room and a roommate for your stay at LSU. Email us your name, email address and/or a phone number and a brief message if you want to use this service. We reserve the right to edit the text of a displayed message to maintain the unified layout. All postings will be removed after 3 months, unless a request for further advertisement is made. If you want your message to be posted again, please send us an e-mail with updated details of your search.

To use this service, you must be either an international student or an LSU student searching for an international roommate.

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Name Email Date Posted Advertisement
Reuben N Addison 1/11/2021 I am Reuben, a Ph.D. student looking for a male roommate in a 3-bedroom apartment. The rent is $272, and it is furnished (i.e., bed, study table, and chair). The room will be available on by late April (We can make arrangements for an earlier date). Included in the rent are utilities. There are no hidden fees or costs. We are all graduate students occupying the space hence no disturbances, and it is about 10-15 minutes walk to campus. You can text me on 225-439-5354
Braulio Ortega or  1/10/2020 Hello, I am Braulio, and I am an incoming PhD male student looking for a roommate, I Will be renting an apartment at Ed Gay since Spring 2021, the cost will be $375 each, utilities included. The apartment has two-bedrooms and its size is 540 sq. Feet. The apartment includes a stove, refrigerator, central air and heat, and mini-blinds. Coin-operated laundry facility on site. Rent includes all utility costs (electricity, gas, sewage, and water), Internet, local phone service and basic cable TV service.

If you want contact me on my, my cel phone number is (+506) 8782 9899. If you want to know me, my Instagram is braulioandreso.

Khaledachowdhury Rinee 1/10/2020

Hello, I am an incoming PhD student at LSU for spring21. I am in search of a female roommate. Anyone in need of a roommate please contact me. My email is krinee1@LSU.EDU 

Noha Osman 12/18/2020

Hi, I am Noha Osman, a female postdoc at LSU looking for a clean and responsible female roommate from January Ist 2021 to share a 2 bedroom/1 bath apartment at Bradshaw apartments, very close to campus (walking distance). The rent is 390 $ per month plus utilities (electricity and internet). Message me if you are interested or would like to know anything else. My email : 

Tiwatayo Akinboro 12/15/2020

I am Tiwatayo a grad student looking for a roommate in a 2 bed, 2.5 bath. The apartment is fully furnished (except bed) with private bathroom and walking closet. The apartment is a townhouse in a nice and quiet neighborhood is located Brightside, it is 5 – 6 mins drive from campus and it is on the LSU bus route 5 – 8 mins ride to campus. There is no deposit for this apartment, the rent is 400$ without utilities and utilities vary depending on usage. You can move in as soon as January 2021. Please email if interested, 240-893-1613.

Rosalie Calderon 12/14/2020

The rent is $300 monthly

All Utilities inclusive (internet, water, electricity etc)

The room is readily available on June 1, 2021. Place is nice and on campus accessible to all LSU bus early 7am morning up to midnight. For more details email or contact me at 225 936 6743. 

Saachi Chugh 12/09/2020

The rent is $500 monthly, $500 deposit, one time. 

Utilities ~ $75 /month

Place is very nice and called Leigh's Cove. The surroundings are really nice, and the apartment is spacious. 

Oluwatosin A Ogundairo 12/9/2020

Iam Tosin, a female graduate living in a three-bedroom apartment at Beau Chene condominium. The apartment is about 5 to 10 minutes to campus. It has two bathrooms and a washing and drying unit inside the apartment. The rent is $340 and the share of utility and fees usually adds about $60 to $90. It’s a beautiful apartment in a nice location and has a swimming pool. The apartment also has a nice balcony with a big living space.

Md M Hasan   12/5/2020

Hi there, I am Md Mahmudul Hasan, an international student at LSU from Bangladesh. I am currently living in Tiger Pointe Apartments (previously known as Embassy Apartments, which is very close to the campus, about 2 minutes walk from Patrick F Taylor. 

Its a two bedroom apartment with one and half bath. The bigger room has a half bath attached to it. I live in the smaller room and my current roommate who is living in the bigger room is moving out. So I need someone for the bigger room fro January 2021, and the rent for that room is $445 Utility and internet excluded.

It is a really nice apartment overlooking the big CEBA parking lot. Anyone interested can contact me.  225-421-5241

Oum Hajjami 11/10/2020

My name is oum Hajjami. I am an incoming PhD female student searching for a room in a two-bedrooms apartment at Edward Gay for Spring 2021. If you are looking for a roommate, please email me at

Foroogh Khezeli 11/10/2020

I am a female Ph.D. student looking for a female roommate for January first in a 2bed/1bath apartment at Embassy Apartments on Burbank Dr; the rent is $360 and the internet and electricity bills need to be shared. Please send me an email ( if you are interested! Thanks! Thanks in advance, Best Regards, Foroogh

Reuben N Addison 10/1/2020

 I am Reuben, a Ph.D. student looking for a roommate in a 3-bedroom apartment. The rent is $272, and it is furnished (i.e., bed, study table, and chair). The room will be available on the first of November. Included in the rent are utilities. There are no hidden fees or costs.  We are all graduate students occupying the space hence no disturbance, and it is about 10-15 minutes’ walk to campus.  You can text me on 225-439-5354.

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