Meet Our Team


 picture of Samba Dieng

Samba Dieng

Senior Internationalization Officer
and Executive Director


picture of Jenn Kennison

Jenn Kennison

Business Manager 

  • Financial Management
  • Human Resources


Academic Programs Abroad

Academic Programs Abroad (APA) facilitates student exchange, offering offer LSU students a wide range of safe and affordable opportunities to participate in long and short-term programs abroad or in the United States. APA also handles incoming semester- and/or academic year-long international student exchanges from our bilateral agreements.

For general questions, please contact

picture of Jill Clemmons

Jill Clemmons

Associate Director

Programs and Exchanges in Europe



picture of Marissa Baham

Marissa Baham

Study Abroad Program Manager

Programs and Exchanges outside of Europe

picture of Jordan Vernon
Jordan Vernon

Marketing and Outreach Coordinator



International Cultural Center

The International Cultural Center serves to promote international friendship and facilitate greater interaction and understanding between the international students at LSU and the Baton Rouge Community through educational, cultural, and social activities. 

For general questions, please contact

picture of Margaret Jo BorlandMargaret Jo Borland

Interim Manager



 International Services

International Services (ISO) provides primarily US Immigration advisory services to international students regarding their educational, financial, immigration, personal and social concerns in relation to their status in the US. Similar services are available to international faculty and research scholars. ISO is responsible for the University's compliance with US federal regulations which pertain to non-immigrant students and employees.

For general questions and questions about insurance waiver process, please email


picture of Natalie Rigby

Natalie Rigby


  • Supervisor of International Services unit
  • Primary official (PDSO and RO) for DHS - SEVP (Student Exchange Visitor Program)
  • J-1 degree seeking and exchange students advisor
  • Advisor for incoming international Fulbright degree seeking students
  • General assistance

picture of Lorena Colina

Lorena Colina

Assistant Director

  • Advising and assistance with student petitions to the US Citizenship and Immigration Services
  • Overall advising and guidance for international student population on maintenance of immigration student status
  • Advising on F-1 Extensions, Travel, Visas, F-2 Dependents, Immigration Documents
  • Supervise international student admissions process and issuance of initial I-20 certificate of eligibility

picture of Loveness Schafer

Loveness Schafer

Associate Director

  • J-1 Exchange Visitors or Visiting Scholars
  • International employees including H-1B, TN, E-3, O-1
  • Permanent Residence or Green Card sponsorships and processing particularly for international faculty
  • Educational and Cultural Programing particularly for International Scholars

picture of Angela Kanney

Angela Kanney

Orientation and Employment Services Coordinator


  • Coordinator of new international student orientation
  • Document processing/ advisement on non-immigrant student employment issues
  • On-campus employment (LSU - Baton Rouge Campus only) and Vendor Work Permit
  • Off Campus Employment such as CPT, OPT and STEM OPT

picture of Sara Olivier

Sara Olivier

Documentation Services Coordinator

  • Communicate with and advise Prospective and Admitted International Applicants on F-1 student visa status matters
  • Monitor International Student Admission
  • Evaluate financial ability (for admitted applicants and dependents) and process Initial I-20 Documents and F-1 SEVIS Immigration Transfer Forms (entering LSU)
  • Facilitate New Student Intake processes – Immigration Documentation Clearance and Reports for New and Re-entry Students

picture of Alberto Angulo

Alberto Angulo

SEVIS Compliance Coordinator

  • Currently enrolled F-1 students who need I-20 updates
  • Specific letters requests

picture of Abby Mensing

Abby Mensing

LSU Global Coordinator

  • LSU Global and ELOP student advisor: current and prospective students

picture of Janice Goodloe

Janice Goodloe

Administrative Program Specialist

  • J-1 Professor/Scholar/Researcher Requests
  • DS-2019 (J-1) Form Generation and Production
  • New J-1 Professor/Scholar/Researcher Orientation
  • Documentation/Monitoring for J-1 Scholar Spouse and/or Children (J-2)
  • Sponsored Student Billing Contracts and Inquiries