International Agreements

International Programs promotes an international presence for our university through internationally-oriented study, research, and projects on campus and abroad. We seek to bring diversity and global engagement not only to LSU, but also to the citizens of Louisiana, through the strategic agreements and partnerships, domestically and internationally, that serve as the vehicle for research, faculty, and student exchanges. These collaborations involve not only student exchange and faculty research, but they also bring government support, funding support, and private sector collaboration. These collaborations facilitate international engagement by LSU faculty and students, allowing faculty to use their expertise to take up global issues while granting students the opportunity to participate in international activities.

LSU policy (PS-94) requires all international agreements and exchanges to be discussed with International Programs prior to establishing any commitments with external institutions or interested research partners. International Programs works within the Office of Academic Affairs to provide guidelines for international agreements and vet all proposals. More information about initiating an agreement is available below.

LSU International Programs assures adherence to current university, state, and federal policies in the development and management of international agreements and partnerships. International Programs encourages faculty to initiate viable and relevant international exchanges and research opportunities. 

To initiate a new international agreement or request a renewal of an existing agreement, complete the Agreement Form and submit to International Programs will need a complete form to move forward with vetting the agreement and coordinating with involved stakeholders and departments.

Following the preliminary approval of the request, International Programs will:

  1. commence negotiation with the prospective partner institution and draft an agreement.
  2. Once the agreement has been fully satisfied by both sides, International Programs will forward the final agreement to the prospective partner institution for signatures.
  3. Upon the return of the signed agreement from the partner institution, IP will forward signed agreements to the Office of Academic Affairs for final approval.
  4. International Programs will provide copies of the signed agreement to all involved parties, if requested.

Important Agreement Considerations:
Although a particular department will request an agreement, the final agreement must be established between LSU and the international institution and signed by LSU’s Executive Vice President & Provost and the equivalent official (authorized signatory) at the other university.

The common types of agreements that LSU enters into include:

Faculty Exchange (FX)

A FX agreement establishes the conditions, requirements and protections for faculty at LSU and/or partner institutions who wish to serve as an exchange professor or guest research scholar.

  • Requires consent and active involvement of department chair
  • Does not require reciprocity
  • Parties involved are expected to seek any additional funding needed from outside sources

Faculty & Student Exchange (FSX)

A FSX agreement establishes the conditions, requirements, and framework for exchanging of faculty, staff, and students between LSU and partner institutions.

Letter of Intent (LoI)

A LoI is non-binding document outlining an agreement between two or more parties. A LoI informs that there is initial interest between concerned parties to pursue broader partnership.

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

A MoU is an inter-institutional framework for cooperation. A MoU declares an intent to explore opportunities for collaboration that are mutually beneficial. MoUs may lead to further collaboration in separate agreements that specify additional activities or goals.

  • Expresses intent to explore mutually beneficial relationship with an institution
  • Provides foundation for an institutional relationship
  • Creates no financial obligations

Seamless Degree Transfer 

Seamless Degree Transfer agreements are often characterized as 2+2 corresponding to the breakdown of a traditional four-year undergraduate program between two partner institutions. A 2+2 creates a special preparatory track for partner institution's students to obtain a bachelor's degree at LSU. 

  • Students will enroll at LSU as International Transfer Students after completing 2 years of study at partner institution
  • 2+2 Agreement requires a review and evaluation of education criteria, admissions criteria, course equivalency and transfer criteria -- all to be outlined within an articulation agreement
  • Creates no financial obligations

Student Exchange (SX)

Student Exchange Agreements (SX) establish a bilateral arrangement for the exchange of students for a semester or academic year on the basis of reciprocity or a defined ratio. Student exchanges provide a valuable opportunity to transform the educational experience and bring diversity to our student population. 

  • Two complimentary mobility programs:  Academic Programs Abroad at LSU and recruitment of international students to LSU
  • Students pay tuition to their home institution
  • Creates no financial obligations to partner institution
  • Exchanges are reciprocal
  • Faculty requesting student exchanges must obtain departmental support and commitment to recruit and advise participating LSU students