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A Letter from the Chair

Foreign languages have traditionally played a central role in a liberal arts education. Today, knowing Arabic, Chinese, German, Italian, or Spanish has also became important for those in government, science, business, and mass communications. The only way to understand and appreciate another people and culture is to know their language. Students seeking a career in foreign service, finance, law, or industry will find that acquiring a second language will give them an advantage both in finding a job and in career advancement.

A new degree program in Classical Studies began to accept students in summer and fall 2012. This degree allows students to pursue interests in Latin, Greek, and Classical Studies. This degree is offered as a Concentration in the Liberal Arts B.A. Program. Requirements for this degree are posted in the Classics section under Programs.

The Department of World Languages, Literatures & Cultures offers programs in nine languages which address the academic, intellectual, and professional needs of students. Students may earn a B.A. in Spanish or an M.A. in Hispanic Studies. Students may earn a minor in German, Italian, Ancient Greek, and Chinese, as well as Latin and Classical Studies. Graduate students may also earn a graduate minor in Hispanic Studies. Students may fulfill their language requirements with any of these languages as well as Arabic and Biblical Hebrew. For more detailed information for any of these languages, contact the section head or advisor listed in the description on each degree or program.

The faculty are active researchers recognized nationally and internationally in their various disciplines. Members of the faculty serve on committees for national organizations and on editorial boards for scholarly journals. The Spanish faculty biennially hosts the Louisiana Conference of Hispanic Languages and Literatures.

The faculty’s commitment to research is matched by their contributions to teaching. Many members of the department have received University and College awards which recognize their distinction in scholarship and teaching.

Dr. Rafael Orozco, Chair
Department of World Languages, Cultures and Literatures
315 Hodges Hall
Louisiana State University


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