Film Festival

The Ethnografilm Festival takes place each April in Paris, France. Separate categories of entry are available for academics. If you are really keen on getting to Paris, and are willing to show a sequence of a longer film, or even a rough cut….please send an email to Dr. Wes Shrum.

Submissions are now open for the 6th annual Ethnografilm festival (16-20 April 2019).

Please submit before September 1st for the lowest rate ($25/$35).

Ethnografilm now has traveling festivals in Africa (Nairobi, Kenya), Asia (Trivandrum, Kerala), and North America (New Orleans, Louisiana).  This year, we will present a short program of films in Sydney, Australia, in association with the meeting of the Society for Social Studies of Science

What is the Ethnografilm festival?

An interview with Dr. Wes Shrum.

By tradition, our last film is always the projectionist’s choice!