CAPER Fact Sheets

Fostering the research skills of undergraduate and graduate students interested in criminology, applied sociology, or public policy issues, CAPER Fact Sheets are an ongoing series of reports about social issues confronting the state of Louisiana and its major urban centers.

Fact Sheet 18
The Impact of License Plate Readers on Violent Crime in Tigerland, LSU: A Geospatial Case Study (August 2019)

Fact Sheet 17
LSU Police Department Clearance Rates between 2002 and 2015 (August 2015)

Fact Sheet 16
Violent and Property Crime Rates on the LSU Campus: Trends from 2002 to 2015 (August 2015)

Fact Sheet 15
Early Research on the Baton Rouge Area Violence Elimination (BRAVE) Initiative (November 2014)

Fact Sheer 14
Fear, Trust, and Crime Policy in East Baton Rouge (October 2014)

Fact Sheet 13
Recidivism in the State of Louisiana: An Analysis of 3- and 5-year Recidivism Rates Among Long–Serving Inmates (October 2014)

Fact Sheet 12
Victimization, Safety, and Confidence in the Police in East Baton Rouge Parish: An Update (December 2009)

Fact Sheet 11
The Growing Hispanic Population in Louisiana: New Evidence from the July 2008 Population Estimates by Race & Ethnicity (May 2009)

Fact Sheet 10
Murder and Public Health: The Gardere Community in 2008 as a Case in Point (January 2009)

Fact Sheet 9
Poverty Estimates for Baton Rouge and New Orleans, 2007 (August 2008)

Fact Sheet 8
Population Estimates by Age, Race, Sex & Hispanic Origin for East Baton Rouge, Ascension, & Livingston Parishes (August 2008)

Fact Sheet 7
Juvenile Representation in Official Crime Statistics: Comparing Louisiana to the National Average (April 2007)

Fact Sheet 6
Official Statistics on Murder and Robbery in Louisiana, 2005 (April 2007)

Fact Sheet 5
Murder in New Orleans: Back to the Bad Old Days (February 2007)

Fact Sheet 4
Six Months After Katrina, Baton Rouge Residents Hold Positive Outlook on Crime, Safety, and the Authorities (August 2006)

Fact Sheet 3
Baton Rouge Welcomes Katrina Evacuees (April 2006)

Fact Sheet 2
Recent Trends in Fear of Crime and Perceived Risk of Victimization in Baton Rouge, LA (December 2005)

Fact Sheet 1
Recent Trends in Murder Clearance Rates (June 2005)