Interdisciplinary Studies Major

The Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies degree program is for the student whose professional goals and educational objectives are optimally satisfied by a focused curriculum of interdisciplinary studies. 

The five areas of concentration in the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies link three undergraduate minors to create a thematic interdisciplinary major.  All requirements for each undergraduate minor must be satisfied.  The requirements are listed in the LSU General Catalog


Concentrations With Required Minors

  • Health Sciences—Biological Sciences, Psychology, Sports Studies
  • Studies in Organizations— Business Administration, Communication Studies, Sociology
  • Leadership and Society—History, Leadership Development, and Political Science
  • Writing and Performing Arts—English, Film and Media Arts, Theatre
  • Interdisciplinary Studies—Three minors as approved by the Director of the General Studies program


Specific Requirements

  • Complete all requirements for one of the areas of concentration:  health sciences, studies in organizations, leadership and society, writing and performing arts, or interdisciplinary studies
  • Complete all general education requirements.
  • Complete elective courses to reach 120 hours.
  • A student must earn three hours in computer science, in EXST 2000, ISDS 1100, or LIS 2001, or a foreign language.
  • Complete UNST 3900, a capstone course for seniors majoring in General Studies currently enrolled in the College of Humanities & Social Sciences.

General Requirements

  • No more than 24 hours in any one subject may be used toward this degree, unless minor area requirements dictate otherwise.
  • No more than 30 hours of correspondence credit may be used towards this degree.
  • No more than 8 hours of kinesiology activity courses may be used towards this degree.
  • No more than 12 hours of ROTC credit may be used towards this degree
  • At least 45 hours of credit at or above the 3000-level must be completed; of the 45 hours at least 15 must be at the 4000-level.
  • At least a 2.00 gpa on all work taken.
  • At least a 2.00 gpa on all work taken in the LSU system.
  • At least a 2.00 gpa in all minors.
  • Enrollment in internships, independent study, and research courses must have prior dean’s approval
  • Students are required to complete coursework from at least three different departments in both the humanities and social sciences areas.


To apply for admission

Please come to our office and complete a Interdisciplinary Studies application form.  If you meet the criteria, your data can usually be entered at that time. 

If you are submitting an appeal for the Interdisciplinary Studies concentration, it may take several days longer.  You will be notified by email when a decision is reached.


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