Third Year Review Checklist

Please submit the following information to the Dean's office in the order given:

  • Faculty vote tallies (including number of faculty who didn't vote)
  • A faculty report signed by a representative of the faculty. This report should include evaluation of scholarship, teaching (including faculty observation of teaching) and service. The faculty recommendation regarding term of appointment (when appropriate) should be clearly stated. If it exists, a similarly formatted minority faculty report and recommendation should be included here.
  • Chair's independent report and recommendation.
  • Reports from the faculty and chair in a secondary unit, when appropriate. In the case of joint appointments, this should include vote tallies, and faculty and chair recommendations as well.
  • Candidate's signed statement contained in PS-36-T VIII.C states as follows:
    • I am aware of the contents of my file and have had the opportunity to provide my annual report and up-to-date documentation
    • I have been notified of the recommendation with regard to my reappointment
    • I have exercised, or else waived, my rights to discuss the recommendation with the chair and/or with the chair of each secondary department in which I an employed
    • I understand that I have the right to attach a formal letter of response or rebuttal, with materials in support thereof, for inclusion in the file, provided I send it to the chair and to the dean no later that seven calendar days after the date when I was advised of the recommendation.
  • Candidate's formal letter of response when such a letter exists.
  • Biographical Information: A page that lists educational information (institution, degree, and date awarded) and professional experience of the candidate.
  • PS-36-T format Curriculum Vitae: The chair provides information on 1.1, "History of Assignments." The candidates provides the remainder of the vita, numbering and addressing each item. For a copy of the format, please download the pdf of "C.V. and Supporting Documentation for PS-36-T and PS-36-NT". 
  • All annual performance evaluations and annual reports.
  • LSU students teaching evaluations for the three years under review.

The department should retain in their files, but should not send to Dean's office the following:

  • Evidence of candidate's performance and provided by the candidate in his/her Documentation and Supporting Material.