Degree Requirements

Along with the University level General Education requirements, the curriculum in International Studies comprises the following five elements.

Core Curriculum (15 hrs.)

During the freshman and sophomore years, majors complete the core curriculum by taking one course from each of the following five disciplines: ANTH 1003 or 2051, ECON 2030, GEOG 1001 or 1003, HIST 1007, POLI 2057 or POLI 2053. These are the prerequisites for the gateway course.

Gateway Course (3 hrs.)

All majors must complete the interdisciplinary course, INTL 3001. This is a prerequisite for the senior-level capstone seminar.

Areas of Concentration (21 hrs.)

All majors select a primary (15 hrs.) and a secondary (6 hrs.) area of concentration.  Courses for the areas of concentration should ideally be taken during the junior and senior years.  Students may choose from  nine concentrations, and select both a regional and a thematic focus.

Foreign Language ( hrs. vary)

Students must demonstrate competency (generally 6 semesters) in a language relevant to their regional focus.

Senior Capstone Course (3 hrs.)

The senior capstone seminar (INTL 4003) is intended for graduating I. S. majors in their final semester. Prerequisites are INTL 3001 and  9 hrs. of additional upper-level courses in area of concentration.


Students seeking more information about the degree requirements for a B.A. in International Studies should consult the university catalog.   

For additional information, contact Dr. Leonard Ray, 153A Howe-Russell Hall, 225-578-2500