Need Advising?

A number of resources are available for student advising, and the appropriate advisor will depend on a student’s specific needs. The International Studies program generally deals with the degree requirements specific to the INTL major and minor, while advisors at the College of Humanities & Social Sciences handle more general issues. Academic Programs Abroad is responsible for study abroad issues, while Career Services can assist you in finding internships and preparing for your post graduate career. The table below summarizes the primary responsibilities of each of these offices.

Where to go:

International Studies
Associate Director
Dr. Challen Nicklen
153 Howe Russell

  • Degree substitutions
  • Approval of PACE forms
  • Course equivalence for transfer students (INTL rubric courses only.)

Humanities & Social Sciences Student Services
119 Hodges Hall

  • Declare or change a major, minor or concentration
  • Change catalog year
  • Waive HSS residency requirements
  • Appeal of General Education requirements

Academic Programs Abroad
106 Hatcher Hall

  • advice on programs abroad
  • application to study abroad
  • transfer of credit from study abroad (in conjunction with Office of Admissions)

Career Services
B4 Coates Hall

  • career advising
  • job search strategies
  • internship opportunities
  • suspend TOPS for full time internship (see Career Services office of Experiential Education 578-1548)