Welcome to the Spanish Program



Welcome to the Spanish Program

Why Study Spanish

Spanish is one of the three most widely spoken languages in the world. In the United States, it is the second language used most commonly among more than 32 million persons of Hispanic backgrounds. Moreover, it is the most popular foreign language studied by North American students in the secondary schools, colleges and universities. Knowledge of Spanish language and culture offers students a competitive edge in such fields as education, business, social work, international affairs, health care, law, library science, translation, media and social sciences.



Student Activities and Opportunities


Students studying Spanish at LSU will have opportunities to interact with students and faculty members from various Hispanic countries. You may consider, for example, joining the Spanish Student Club and meeting classmates and friends at the Spanish Table. Qualifying students will be able to join the honorary Spanish language society Sigma Delta Pi. Outstanding undergraduates majoring in Spanish can apply for the James M. Smith, Jr. Endowed Scholarship. Outstanding graduating seniors can apply for the Corinne L. Saucier scholarship for graduate study in Spanish.

New Spanish Graduate Minor

The Spanish Department is pleased to announce the creation of a graduate level minor effecive Spring 2015.

Learn more about the Graduate Level Minor 


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